Is Stew the right person for you?

Branding projects take time*. Choosing the right designer is as important as finding a great accountant. Brilliant clients deserve design partners that they can work with for years.

Do you still want to work with Stew? Scroll to find out or get in touch!

*Some graphic design projects take very little time; creating tangible brand value always takes a long time.

You are interesting*

*if you don't think you are interesting we should talk!

You are an expert

Sometimes I'll disagree with you and sometimes I'll be wrong. It's usually because nobody knows your industry as well as you do*.

Every design project should start with a lot of questions. If somebody doesn't ask a 'stupid' question (more on that later) then we're doing it wrong.

Already convinced? There's no time like the present for that phonecall.

*if you don't know your industry I'm probably not the right designer for you.

You are professional

My studio (work) space doesn't have a ping pong table because I'm not a clone of my competitors*.

When I'm working I'm working. When I'm not working I'm not at work. I'm never playing ping pong.

*It should go without saying that social media counts as work...

You are not all about profit*

Brand building is all about your ROI. You wouldn't spend money on any other part of your business without expecting a return on your investment. Branding and design work is no different.

Your design budget doesn't have to be massive yet. It's my job to help you build your business, which will justify an increased spend on design!

Tight budget right now? We can work something out.

*I love not for profits, charities and social enterprises.

A logo won't make you rich

There's this odd idea graphic designers have been peddling. That your bottom line is directly related to having a really nice logo. It's rubbish*.

For your business to work everything has to work. Just ask the UK's number one design agency. I like the way that Simon thinks, it influences the way I work.

*a really nice logo does help.

You don't tend to tender*

Know what you think you want but you're not sure what the next step is?

Pro tip: Don't invite loads of agencies to a 'blind' tender. Your design partner must understand who you are and what your business needs.

Only you know what you need. I stand by this whether you already know it or not. You might not know how to get what you need—it's usually not a logo.

Nobody can meet your challenges if they haven't talked to you first.

Really talked, with coffee. Let's start with that?

*I will tender, after that coffee...

My kind of people*

I work with and for people who I have fun with on projects I care about.

Some brilliant clients:

Scottish Mountain Rescue, Edinburgh Woodwork, Qpal, Tony Pollard, Dunblane Museum, Team Noble, Robbie Hutton and Camsail Fine Arts.

Some amazing people:

Mark McAulay + Paul Mullen, Eilidh McCluskie, Adam Robertson, Owain Kirby, David Galletly, Lewis Wardrop, Stefan Morrison and Andrew Burnett.

*they're all very different kinds of people