Working with amazing people is amazing.

Happiness is incredibly important. It's the key to good design, good business and good consumer* relations.

*It's because we're all people, not consumers

I am [a] Brand consultant

That means I write plans for companies who want to improve their brand through design. Sometimes this leads to me working with the organisation. Other times the plan is the product.

If it's a plan, project management or print management you're after get in touch here!

I wear many hats.

Like to to collaborate? I'm one half of Don't Walk. We love working with passionate people on multidisciplinary projects.

My kind of people*

I work with and for people who I have fun with on projects I care about.

Some brilliant clients:

Scottish Mountain Rescue, Edinburgh Woodwork, Qpal, Prof Tony Pollard, Dunblane Museum, Team Noble, Robbie Hutton and Camsail Fine Arts.

Some amazing people:

Mark McAulay + Paul Mullen, Eilidh McCluskie, Adam Robertson, Owain Kirby, David Galletly, Lewis Wardrop, Stefan Morrison and Andrew Burnett.

*they're all very different kinds of people